Alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking and all forms of trauma of the inner surface of the mouth are the main risk factors for the emergence of tumours in the oral cavity.

tumours of the mouth account for 11% of new cases of cancers, while maintaining relatively low incidence of mortality due to operability of this disease.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer can be diagnosed early and in fact in such cases can be successfully treated: it is important, however, to turn to specialised centers, that are able to provide appropriate support, with cutting-edge equipment and a selected staff.

Specialisation in oncological surgery of the oral cavity

Prof. Mario Bussi has specialised in cancer surgery and diagnosis of oral cancer head and neck area, and is operating today in Turin and Milan with two dedicated clinics.

Thanks to his medical team, active at the Scientific Institute at San Raffaele in Milan, Prof. Bussi Mario is available to:

• consult

• Specialist Visits

• Histological examinations

• surgical operations

• treatments for each type of tumour

offering professionalism and competence in agreement with the National Health Service.

Contact the clinic for more information or to book a tour: we will be happy to provide any advice required to ensure service excellence.