An important branch of surgery is termed “reconstructive”, for the amendment and correction of malformations which may be caused either by genetic problems from any trauma, accidents or diseases.

The reconstructive surgery is particularly important because it has a clear aim to give the patient an image of themselves that is as natural as possible, thus impacting even those psychological and social aspects that can not be underestimated in patients with certain diseases.

Reconstructive surgical interventions

The reconstructive surgery allows to solve (partially or totally according to the extent of the removal) also the damages caused by demolitive lesions secondary to:

  • facial trauma
  • neoplasms of the head and neck district

Among the most influential personalities in the field of surgery in the areas of Milan and Turin, Prof. Bussi Mario specialises in otolaryngology and surgical oncology, also performing reconstructive surgery with his team at Istituto Scientifico Universitario San Raffaele to fulfil the needs of his patients.

Consulting for malformations interventions

The professor provides consulting services, to identify the extent of the malformation and find the best possible surgical treatment to better solve the challenges it entails.

By vontacting the headquarters you can get more information or make an appointment for a diagnostic visit.