Otorhinolaryngology for ear, nose and throat diseases

The large and small problems pertaining to the ear can have consequences on other parts of the body, so it is appropriate to intervene in a timely manner to prevent the development of pathological processes of broader spectrum.

At the clinic of Professor Mario Bussi, otolaryngology specialists visits are conducted, providing customers with a comprehensive and complete range of tests to resolve all problems and diagnose possible pathologies in place.

Otolaryngology interventions affiliated to SSN

The ENT relevant interventions will be made in full agreement with the National Health System at the Scientific Institute of San Raffaele in Milan, a leading company in the hospital sector.

• surgery of the head and neck

• interventions for thyroid

• surgery of tumours in the oral cavity

• rhinology

• otology

Videoendoscopy of ear and throat

Theotolaryngologist is also fully available for visits and consultations for all diseases involving ear, nose and throat, providing a friendly and innovative service, thanks to the use of the latest technology, such as video endoscopy.

The surgical experience of Professor Mario Bussi allows him to respond to all specific needs, including providing medical consultation service for the client.

An excellent medical staff and an ever-expanding diagnostic equipment allow the study clinic conduct interventions, even in the clinic: you can contact the headquarters in Milan or Turin to receive further information or to book an appointment.