The tumours of head and neck mostly occur in:

• the oral cavity

• airways

They are especially delicate and subject to the emergence of medium or severe carcinomas, especially in people at risk, such as smokers or those who live in close contact with noxious fumes.

Preventive diagnosis of head and neck cancer

At the office of Prof. Mario Bussi, available both in Milan and in Turin, it is possible to carry out inspection visits and diagnostic tests to detect the disease; and detect the possible presence of tumours.

Collaboration with the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan

Thanks to cutting-edge medical technologies and highly professional team, the doctor will perform the checks directly at the clinic, providing an excellent service: the collaboration with the Scientific Institute at San Raffaele in Milan guarantees the possibility of using innovative machines, designed precisely to achieve any kind of histological examination with rapid and safe results.

Once the type and location of the tumour is recognised it will be possible to proceed with the proper treatment, taking into account all the variables in place.

Experience in Surgical Oncology

Prof. Mario Bussi also specialises in otolaryngology and surgical oncology, providing adequate consultations for all diseases pertaining to the head and neck area: you can contact the clinic for more information or to make an appointment.