The thyroid is one of the most important glands of the whole human body as it controls two endocrine systems that act on cell metabolism and all growth processes.

For this reason the diseases pertaining to thyroid or incorrect development of the gland can cause problems to the entire organism, either as a result of hormone products, or by default.

In addition to the surgical settings, surgeries, therapies and long-term treatments are available, in order to allow correct resolution of any pathology in progress.

Prevention of thyroid cancer

Thyroid surgery and all therapies and medical treatments have a dedicated purpose to solve any of the gland diseases, including:

• presence of tumours

• hyperthyroidism

Dr. Mario Bussi is a specialist in surgery of the thyroid and operates with professionalism in the Milan and Turin, relying on a top-level staff and cutting-edge equipment.

Also specialising in oncology, the doctor has to provide all types of advice, with dedicated and timely diagnostic tests, to assess each case with skill and precision.

To receive more information or to book a specialist check you can contact the Turin and Milan clinics: we are at your disposal.