Roncopathy surgery

Many people tend to underestimate snoringIn reality this nocturnal disorder can also be (or conceal) a real illness, and as such must be addressed and treated properly.

Snoring, also known by the medical term, roncopathy, is in fact connected to a problem in breathing, which occurs in case in which the air supply is not able to properly pass through the nose and then the throat.

The doctor, who also operates at the San Raffaele Scientific Institute, specialises in snoring surgery, providing the patient with all sorts of medical support for a correct diagnosis of the problem and its resolution.

The clinic by Professor Mario Bussi, based in Turin and Milan, has for years specialised in the field of issues related to otolaryngology.

Laser Methodology for snoring problems

Today advances in laser surgery allow:

• Modern equipment

• Speed

• Absence of pain

Thanks to the laser tool and a cutting edge program the doctor will be able to effectively intervene on disorders of the soft palate, usually responsible for the pathology.

The action of laser surgery allows to implement a real therapy against snoring and the syndromes of obstructive sleep apnea, as it ensures less invasiveness with less recovery times and less pain after surgery.

To receive more information about the possibilities of intervention of the study do not hesitate to contact us: we also conduct counselling sessions to evaluate and diagnose any kind of problem.