Risk factors of laryngeal cancer

The larynx is a key body part as it allows the swallowing and the passage of air, ensuring adequate protection of the airway in the first case and also allowing speech, being the seat of the vocal cords.

The larynx is usually associated with some serious diseases, including the presence of carcinomas: especially susceptible to the appearance of larynx tumours such as in smokers, because the carcinogens contained in cigarettes violently attack this crossroads organ.

Treatment of laryngeal cancer

For years, Prof. Mario Bussi has specialised in the diagnosis and treatment of laryngeal cancer and many other conditions pertaining to the head and neck: through the use of innovative techniques and endoscopic systems of the latest generation he is able to localise the disease and identify it, consequently evaluating the type of care and treatment to be implemented.

Diagnosis and treatment of cancer of the larynx

In the case in which a tumour has been identified the medical team will provide further information on the type of operations to be performed:

• radiotherapy

• surgery

Prof. Bussi operates at the Scientific Institute at San Raffaele in Milan, and has years of experience in the field of surgical oncology.For more information or to book a visit at the Milan to Turin clinics do not hesitate to contact us.